What to remember when buying a Premium Shirt

To answer that, let’s understand, what is a shirt?

First seen in the sixteenth century on European men, a shirt has long ago climbed the ranks from being an undergarment to a way desired high-end clothing of choice.

A shirt is ideally a full-sleeved well-fitted shirt with a button-up collar. Its versatile nature permits it to be worn on very formal occasions with jacket and tie or a semi-formal work attire minus jacket. Its approach completely different from a polo shirt and a lot of typically than not is inclined towards a formal look. And a ‘perfect shirt’ is one that’s custom fit.

What makes a shirt unique?

Some key points,

  1. The Fit: This tends to become an enormous downside for several men who look to ready-to-wear shirts, while easy, it’s not continually well worth the penny… you end up either obtaining too tight a fit or a very baggy one… rarely are people lucky to have that good fit. That is why custom shirts for men are the proper go-to to choose now. There’s more to the small, medium and large sizes. A perfect fit would need you to look at:
    • Armholes that allow movement without looking puffy
    • A collar that doesn’t suffocate you or lets everything through…rule of thumb—two fingers should be allowed to slide in between collar and neck.
    • Sleeve cuffs should end where your wrists do Sleeves should be well-fitted
    • The shoulder should not be droopy
    • Torso should be well-fitted not too tight not too billowy… 3-4 inches of extra fabric that’s all.
    • Your shirttail can’t be a night dress… your maximum length is your back trouser pocket.
  2. The Fabric: Shirts are usually formal, hence they need to be lightweight, preferably wrinkle-free. Perfect fabrics of choice would be Cotton preferably lightweight linen, Silk for a very formal do and lastly man-made fibers like polyester, nylon.